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Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow


Waterproof Confidence. Rock your killer brows

Arch your brows to perfection with CAILYN Gelux Eyebrow. With our innovative gel formula that is waterproof, 24 hours wearing, your brows won't lose definition or color under any circumstance. Conveniently built in angle brush makes it an ideal travel companion. Available in 8 natural shades, you can find the perfect shade that works best for you. Simply shape, define, and fill for impeccably groomed brows!



Using the pointy tip of the built in brush, shape and define the brows as you desire. Use short, light strokes to fill in sparse brows.



Use CAILYN Dissolv' It Makeup Remover to wipe off the eyebrow makeup.

It cleanses makeup gently yet thoroughly without irritation. Remember to clean the brush after each use to extend the life of the brush.

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