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One dream bring us together: “Be the number one online destination for beauty retail Africa-wide!”

Here lies the very source of our daily mobilization and engagement.

We like to say that we are an online retailer like no other. At the core of our model is the unique shopping experience we deliver to our customers, thanks to our team of super achievers who make it happen, day after day: one team, one people.

We are a community of beauty experts, with sound customer intelligence, re-imagining beauty ecommerce in Africa.


THE MOST AMAZING BEAUTY SELECTION:  Podozi is all about the widest, largest beauty offer from around the world, made available to Africans living in Africa. An unlimited selection of the most exclusive brands plus the rising stars of the industry is what makes Podozi the preferred e-shelf for beauty & personal care products.  We are always hunting for new brands and products to amaze and delight our customers.


FREEDOM TO EXPERIENCE: Podozi is a beauty playground. A place to set off your wildest beauty desires, to experience and experiment. A place to enjoy and discover beauty through experience. We give the freedom to our customers to experience Podozi when, where and how they want.


DISRUPTIVE SPIRIT:  Podozi astonishes with our boldness and audacity. We give our associates the passport to re-imagine beauty anew; to redefine traditional beauty categories. Because we believe in the beauty of our uniqueness and we empower the beauty of our colour as Africans.


FUN PLACE TO LEARN:Podozi is about learning whilst having fun – whether you are an associate or a customer.

Our customers learn in our e-store and via the Podozi Signature about beauty and trends for people of colour. Podozi empowers her customers to reinforce their personalities through beauty.

PodoziHQ is a great place to work for our associates - a place to learn, discover and stretch the mind but with fun and joy.

1. Openness

Like a giant mirror, we each reflect the beauty of our uniqueness and intelligence. No idea is too big or small, no one associate is left behind in our quest to satisfy the beauty needs of our customers.

2.  A Caring Community

Our business and culture is inspired and nurtured by feminine values. At Podozi, “CARING & COMMUNITY” has a central place and drives our relations with our customers, as well as our relations one associate to another.


3. Innovation

Learning. Experimenting. Risk Taking. Freedom. These words are deeply embedded into our DNA at Podozi. To be truly innovative, we believe in becoming ‘Generalists’ – as creative thinkers, we maintain our sense of inquiry & curiosity, we are excited to daily shed our ignorance and learn new things; succeeding where many feared to tread.


4. Praise is who we are. Praise is what we do. Praise is Podozi

Our deep understanding of the place of praise enables us to see the world differently; we are ever grateful for the gift of life and continuously praise the Giver of all life through all that we do. In the same vein, we praise ourselves to success – knowing that our diverse gifts and creativity enables us to make our world more beautiful.